Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Working with cloud instances in WSO2

Hi all,

I had a chance to work with cloud instances in WSO2 environment. There are four instances which are created in ubuntu environment. I have had cluster set up of four nodes in cloud.

In this blog I am not going to explain the cluster setup. Here there will be a brief explanation of cloud instances and how can we handle it.

When we are creating cloud instance we will get a key for that. After that we need to change mode of the file by following command.

    change key file permission : chmod 600 <file>

Then we can  start the instance by specifying the IP address of the node. 

    ssh -i <key file> ubuntu@<IP>

When we starting it, it will ask passpharase for key. we need to give that value.

Now we have started the cloud instance.

The cloud instance will look like pure computer when we buy it (Except OS might be installed). So we need to all other things from the terminal.
  • Command to download from a web link.

    sudo apt wget <link>
  • To install unzip

    sudo apt get unzip
  • Need to install JAVA as same as installing JAVA in ubuntu [1]
  • If you want to copy from local machine to cloud instance, you can use sftp.

    Need to start sftp in the cloud instance.

              sftp -i <key file> ubuntu@<IP>

    Copy file

              put <FROM> <TO>


 [1] https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-java-on-ubuntu-with-apt-get

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