Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introduction to WSO2 BPS

We can use WSO2 BPS for efficient business Process Management by allowing easy deploy of business processes written using either WS-BPEL standard or BPMN 2.0 standard.

Business Process: Collection of related and structured activities or tasks, that meants a business use case and produces a specific service or output. A process may have zero or more well-defined inputs and an output.

Process Initiator: The person or Apps who initiates business process.

Human task: In here human interaction is involved in business process.

BPEL: It is an XML-based language used for the definition and execution of business. Composing of web services and orchestration.

BPMN: Graphical notation of business processes.

Simple BPEL Process Modeling
  • Download BPS product.
  • Go to <BPS_HOME> -> bin through terminal and execute sh ./wso2server.sh command.
  • Install the plug-in with pre-packaged Eclipse - This method uses a complete plug-in installation with pre-packaged Eclipse, so that you do not have to install Eclipse separately. On the WSO2 BPS product page, click Tooling and then download the distribution according to your operating system under the Eclipse JavaEE Mars + BPS Tooling 3.6.0 section.
  • Then we need to create carbon Composite Application Project. These steps clearly mentioned in https://docs.wso2.com/display/BPS360/BPEL+Guide

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